Thursday, November 5, 2009

Greg Nibler
As many of us are now fully aware, being unemployed can sometimes get a bit......boring.

Yes, it's kind of rad to get to sit around and do nothing (I mean, rabidly look for jobs) and get paid for it, but when you're used to doing something on a daily basis you can get a bit stircrazy trying to figure out the next move. That is what numerous folks deal with on a day to day basis, including ourselves. We also have another problem, which many, many other radio bretheren suffer from, which can only be summed up as: Microphone Addiction. Yes, we suffer from it, so much so that Nibler actually converted his spare bedroom-slash-office into a............ podcasting studio!!! Yes, my friends, we have been podcasting for a few days to occupy our time while we wait patiently for the next installment of The Rick Emerson Show to return. This isn't some spin-off of The Rick Emerson Show (please no comparisons to Joey), it's just a daily conversation between the two of us, while we imbibe Mickey's malt liquor and talk about being unemployed - with some Ball Talk, music & pop culture news, soundbites, and chatter about our lives as unemployed "Broadcast Professionals" thrown into the mix. There is a bit of drinking, a bit of profanity, and a bit of...shall we say... crazy, but it's a hell of a lot of fun to be in a (make-shift) studio again!

Please be sure to check out Tim Riley and Rick Emerson's blogs to read about what awesome things they are up to, and in the meantime please come along with us on our adventures in... Funemployment Radio!

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