Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Greg Nibler

I am Greg Nibler.

I formerly worked for Alpha Broadcasting, where I was the Production Assistant and part of The Rick Emerson Show, Mornings 5am-9am on KUFO 101.1 FM with podcasts and streaming at www.kufo.com.

I host another radio show called, The Nibler Show (amazingly with my same last name), via http://www.gregnibler.com. Don't forget to subscribe via theniblershow.libsyn.com/rss or on iTunes. Just search for The Nibler Show under the iTunes store.

I'm on a TV Show called Empty Noggin, currently available on Comcast OnDemand. Check out more at http://www.emptynoggin.com

Other than that, you can catch me on some Commercials, the occasional Movie, Television Show, Industrials, or wherever else they feel brave enough to put me on camera or over the airwaves.

Oh, if you like good old-fashioned buttrawk as well, you should check out this giant ass band that used to be around, called Courage.

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