Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Nibler Show September 10 2009!!!

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! In this episode we discuss some our absence, our return, the upgrades, the glorification, the camping, the fighting, the walking.....and the loving. And a bunch of other stuff completely unrelated to those topics! Extras for this week are below, including a link to Gavin Wells Biking Page and Trip Ross' Video!

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In this episode:

Welcome To The Nibler Show, Trip Ross, Big Week, Upgrades To The Studio, Mac Guy PC Guy, Computer Nerdery, Leverage....Or Not, Commercial Shoot, Trip Video, Camping, Fight, Chainsaws and Guns,, Credit Cards, Walking 200 Miles, Croatia, Idiot Of The Week

Trip's Video for Logan Lynn:

ALSO (and unrelated):

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