Saturday, August 8, 2009

The Nibler Show - August 6th 2009

Hello Ladies and Gentlemen! Don't forget that The Nibler Show is now on iTunes, or you can subscribe via Also, the accopmanying pictures are explained in the episode. We want to hear your opinion, let us know what you think! E-mail at, or you can anonymously call at 503-575-9120 and leave a message! Also, let us know how much we can buy your dog for.....


In this episode:

Welcome To The Nibler Show, Trip Ross, Special Guest Rob Campbell, Leverage Debacle, What Really Happens On The Set, Finger Breaking, Jimmy Friendly, Celebrity Lookalikes, Motley Crue, Trip's Evil Twin Brother, See Our Pictures At, Picking Up On Chicks, Greg's Terrible At Pickup Lines, Complimenting Co-Workers, Covered In Feces, Heading To New York!, Cash Cab, How Much For Your Dog, Trip's Sad Tale

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